Off the beaten track

Off the beaten track in Copenhagen

Below you can see some good suggestions to get away from the tourist places in Copenhagen. All places are within bicycle distance or at most an hour by bus or train.
In addition, you can see if you can travel for free if you have Copenhagen Card or Copenhagen Citypass.

A day on the lakes

20 min by S-train from the city centre. You can bike the way out there, but it is rather boring along a road with heavy traffic. Take the train.

The three lakes are surrounded by stunning, lush nature where of several areas are protected. You can either lean back and enjoy the roundtrip in itself or make use of the stops along the way. The area is filled with great hiking and biking routes as well as small oases where you can enjoy a beverage and/or a cultural experience.


20 min by S-train from the city centre or one hour bike trip along the beautiful beach road (Strandvejen), and take the S-train back with your bike.

Just north of Copenhagen you will find Dyrehavsbakken - in short Bakken - which is the world's oldest amusement park.

The entrance is free!

The amusement park is located in a wonderful green area, where you find yourself surrounded by 400-year-old trees and almost 2,000 free range deer.


10 min by Metro from the city centre, or do as the Danes.... bike!

 Amagerstrand Beach Park

A beach- in Copenhagen. It’s quite a serene place to go to, to escape the bustling city and constant rattling of bike chains. During the summer time, this beach is packed.

Dragør Harbour

30 min by bus from the city centre. You can bike the way out there, but you have to bike home again. No train to Dragør


“Dragør Havn (Dragor Harbour) sits in the picturesque little town of Dragør, some 12 kilometers southeast of Copenhagen city, on Amager Island.


On the way to Dragør Harbour you will find this local grill bar. Take the bus or bike. It is 30 minutes from the City.

Bring your kids to see some flight take off and enjoy the local grill with various danish food. They also have a great playground for kids. So go here on a great summer day by bike and enjoy the family time.

Diesel House

Very close to Dybbølsbro Train Station. Walk or bike.

B&W2000 is a double-acting, two-stroke engine. It was put into operation in 1933 and was for more than 30 years, the world’s largest diesel engine


15 minutes by S-train, or half an hour from the City Centre is the horse racing track


A green spot in the Northern part of Copenhagen. Take your family to the races at Charlottenlund Racetrack. See the horses performances and bet if you feel for this. There' s a great restaurant, bars, grill etc.


45 minutes by S-train from Copenhagen you will find this beautiful city


Køge with its natural harbour and strategic location have given the city a long history as a market town. Today, that past is evident in a well-preserved old town centre with many half-timbered houses.

Nature play ground

Take the 3A bus towards Valby Parken, 15 minutes from the City Center, or bike.


A large area with sand and gravel, small green islands, winding paths, a village of woven willow huts and plaited fences, an area with wild flowers and a very big snail-shaped mound with a path spiralling up it to a look-out point. The whole playground is pulled together by a circular 210m wooden bridge, which "floats" ½ meter above the ground.

See the location on map

Finsensvej 6
2000 Frederiksberg