Getting around in Copenhagen

Getting around in Copenhagen

Use the bus, Harbour bus, metro and train in Copenhagen.
Buy a Copenhagen Card or Copenhagen Citypass

Copenhagen Card

If you are going to see some attractions and museum that's the card for you.

Make the most out of Denmark’s vibrant capital with a money saving Copenhagen Card

Free admission to 79 attractions
Free transport in Copenhagen region
You will receive a voucher via email. Print the voucher and pick-up your card at one of our 4 pickup locations.
Price around 89 Euro for 72 hours

Copenhagen Citypass

If you don't care about attractions and museum. Much cheaper than the Copenhagen card

With a City Pass in your pocket you can take metro, train or bus to different sites and activities in Copenhagen. Choose between a 1-day or 3-day ticket and set your own pace.

No free admission to 79 attractions
Free transport in Copenhagen zones 1-2-3-4 (Airport included)

 Ticket to public transport in Copenhagen delivered on your phone

Price around 27 euro for 72 hours

When in Denmark, Bike as the Danes Do

Heaven for the cyclist in Copenhagen with over 390 kilometres of designated bike lanes.

Heaven for the cyclist in Copenhagen with over 390 kilometres of designated bike lanes.

The city of Copenhagen now got more bikes than cars and  5.2 bikes for every car.

Rent a bike, and go

If want to live like a local, you’ll have to rent a bicycle to get around town. It’s not only a fairly inexpensive way to travel, it’s also one of the best ways to experience the city.
If you’re going to be in the city for more than a day or two, hiring from a bike shop is your best bet. You’ll need cash for a deposit and a picture ID. When renting, make sure you get a lock and lights (and check that the lights work before you leave – it’s super unsafe to have faulty lights, particularly in winter when it’s dark early).
These should come with the price of the rental. Some cycle shops will also let you hire a helmet, though it may cost extra.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you can cycle up and down the street to make sure the chain isn’t falling off and the brakes work properly.

Rent a bike from the Bike Shop

All over the City you will find Bike shop's who rent out bikes for a day or even for several months.

Maybe your hotel got bikes to rent or if you are lucky for free.

I would recommend Baisikeli Bike shop right across the Dybbølsbro station where most/all S-trains go to (take the stairs, go in the direct that's not Fisketorvet), you'll see this bicycle rental shop at the junction of the road, just before you hit the meatpacking district.
Rent a City Bike

City bikes are available around most stations and main streets, but economically speaking, they’re better used for a few hours rather than full days. They’re also useful late at night or early in the morning (they’re available 24/7), or when you want to take advantage of their GPS system as you travel.

But be aware that the bikes are electric power, so if you are not used to bike, do not rent them. The bikes are fast, and a little bit difficult to drive.

And remember you can bring your bike for free in the S-trains day and night

Walk in the city

Walk in the city

You can easily walk in the City of Copenhagen

Walking provides long-term health benefits for those who stick to their routine. A regular walking routine lowers your blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular disease and helps you maintain weight loss after dieting.

You can walk on the treadmill inside or walk outside to breathe in some fresh air. After 60 minutes of walking 3.5 mph, a 254-lb. person burns 280 calories. Step up the pace to 4.5 mph and the same person can burn 460 calories per hour, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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