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Eat in Copenhagen

The best of the best from the Danish kitchen.
Dishes you must try.

Stegt flæsk

Denmark's Official National Food: Crispy Pork with Parsley Sauce.

Back in 2014, for the first time, Danes voted on their national dish. Over 60,000 people took part in the vote and the winning dish, a classic pork recipe called 'Stegt flæsk med persillesovs', was no surprise!

Stegt flæsk is the national dish of Denmark and one of the country's most popular foodstuffs and has been described as "a dish of pork fat, and only pork fat, in parsley sauce. Mmmm.

An "alternative guide to Denmark" from the British broadcaster BBC described stegt flæsk med persillesovs as fried slices of pork with fat served with parsley sauce and boiled potatoes.


A very traditional dish of thinly sliced, tender roasted pork, crunchy pork rinds, and tart red cabbage, flæskesteg is served at just about every classic restaurant in Denmark.

Thankfully, it’s a delicious, easily loved plate of food, whether for lunch—when it’s given the smørrebrød treatment, with rye bread and pickles—or for dinner, when potatoes and gravy join the party.

And futhermore this dish is the most common on Christmas Eve.


Hakkebøf (pronounced hah-que-beuf) or Danish hamburger steaks is another very traditional Danish dish and it is served everywhere in the country.
When I grew up any kind of beef meat was very expensive and considered a Sunday dinner treat.
Fortunately that is not the case anymore and beef is a very used kind of meat in Denmark now.

The beef is served with hot potatoes, gravy and roasted onions.

You will love it!!

And where to eat tonight

Below you will find some typical Danish restaurants where the Danes are coming.


Lindevang  is probably one of the most typical Danish restaurants with great Danish food for a reasonable price.

Nyboders Køkken

Close to the City Center. Good place for reasonably priced traditional Danish food.

Sundby Sejl

On Amager close to the beach.
Good honest food, child-friendly surroundings, reasonable prices.

Chicky Grill

An inexpensive diner serving old school Danish food like grandma used to make.


The place in the city center to go if you want open sandwiches (smørrebrød).


Absalon is your living room away from home. Your breakfast café, your afternoon hangout, your evening bar and the place you eat your dinner with 180 other people.


This is an authentic experience; one of the few remaining real classic old school Danish restaurants.


Every Saturday and sunday there is a lunch buffet. A fantastic buffet where nothing is missing. Everything is freshly prepared and it is quickly filled up.

See the locations of restaurants on map

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