You will find local plane enthusiasts with binoculars and notebooks that are absorbed by the take off and landings of the Copenhagen airport.

Flyvergrillen is a classic fast food joint with hotdogs, burgers and a limited selection of plate servings.
In the summer you can buy large icecreams at a reasonale price.

It is undoubtably the excelent view of Copenhagen airport that attracts the many customers. The location right next to the runway offer a good chance to see the many planes landing and taking off from the airport.

And for families with children aged 4-8 as there is a nice playground.

If you have the Copenhagen Card or the CityPass there is free transportation

How to get there?

There are two bus lines going to Flyvergrillen. Bus nr 34 from Vesterport Train Station takes around 45 minutes, and you will see a lot of Copenhagen..

When you are going home take bus 35, it is a different route and faster.

Ask the driver to get off at the bus stop Tømmerup Stationsvej, or just say the grill bar from where you can see the air plans.

Take bus 34 to Flyvergrillen.

And you can take bus 35 home to Dr Byen Metro Station

But of course you can also cycle out there.
It's pretty much straight out all the way out of Amagerbrogade to Amager Landevej  and then just straight ahead until the road turns sharply to the right. Continue straight out of the narrow road, and Flyvergrillen is right there. The distance from the City is around 10 km, see map below.

See pictures from Flyvergrillen

Eaten too much!!

need some exercise?

Finsensvej 6
2000 Frederiksberg