Amagerstrand Beach Park

Amagerstrand Beach Park

Copenhagen's beach area, Amager Beach Park is busy all day long in the summer, and there is no doubt that it is one of the best spots to spend the long Copenhagen summer days and bright evenings.
The beach park consists of a two km long artificial island forming a lagoon with toddlers' pools on the one side, and a big sandy beach with dunes on the other. The southern part of the park has a broad promenade and areas for different ball play and picknicking

From the beach you have a spectacular view to a windmill park and the impressive bridge Øresundsbroen connecting Denmark and Sweden.
The beach park is a popular place both for sunbathing and relaxation as well as for all kinds of sports and activities. You will meet runners, skaters, surfers swimmers and kayakers and many more enjoying the beach parks’s many facillities.
All year, and especially during the summer, lots of different activities take place here such as sports events of all kind, rock concerts and open air weddings.

If you have the Copenhagen Card or the CityPass there is free transportation

How to get there?

You can either take the metro or cycle.
If you are taking the Metro, it's free if you have
Remember, you have to pay for a bike if you bring it to the Metro.

But, like the Danes, take your bike.

It is a great trip there, for example, through Nyhavn over the new cycle bridge through the Freetown of Christiania.

When you come out of Christiania you will see the Kløvermarken, very large area with football courts.

Continue to Prague Boulevard and down the small path at Amagerbanen. It is a former railway, which is now a bike path.

Immediately afterwards you can see the beach, enjoy a swim in the hot water!!

Take the Metro to Amager Strand

Or a 5 km bike trip through the Freetown of Christiania

See pictures from the Beach

Eaten too much!!

need some exercise?

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