Absalon, the old church

Very good way to use an old church! This place has a ton of events and activities all through the week, you can check the schedule online and on the board at the entrance. If you are interested in dinner, arrive around 5pm and get in line to purchase your ‘50K ticket’ and be assigned a chair. A couple nights a week are designated for vegetarian meals, not sure which of you are interested in that. Then you have until 6pm to have a drink, wander around the church, and get to know some people. 6pm there are some announcements and the chef comes out to explain the dish. It’s generally family style, divided into tables with groups of 8. Once dinner is over, you have the option to buy dessert. I’ve loved the whole experience.

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  • Absalon, the old church

  • Sønder Boulevard 73
    1720 København V.

  • Opening hours

  • Open from early morning to late
    Dinner served at 18, but you have to buy a ticket from 17.00

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Finsensvej 6
2000 Frederiksberg