A day on the lakes

A day on the lakes

Baadfarten - Boat Tours

Experience the stunning nature on the lakes outside of Copenhagen with Baadfarten.
Dating back to the start 1890’s, Baadfarten sails with old wooden boats on three beautiful lakes: Lyngby Sø, Bagsværd Sø and Furesøen. Two of the original boats, Princess Alexandrine from 1895 and Prince Christian from 1896 are still in full service today.
Baadfarten has three different tours on the lakes, which are situated in the most idyllic landscapes. You can discover Denmark’s deepest lake Furesøen, explore the beautiful Millstream and Lyngby Lake and sail on Bagsværd Lake with its nature and culture opportunities. The roundtrips take between 1-2 hours, depending on the tour.
No matter which tour you choose, you will be embraced by the beautiful nature and the rich bird life surrounding the lakes.
Visiting Sorgenfrivej, where the ticket house is situated, you can enjoy local refreshments before your tour takes off.
Baadfarten sails from May to September.

If you have the Copenhagen Card there is free transportation and free boat ride!!

How to get there?

It is very easy to get to Lyngby S-train Station. Just take the red stain towards Holte or Hillerød. It takes around 30 minutes from the city center. From the train station you have to walk 10 minutes to the boat ticket office.
Take the S-Train to Lyngby train station
Have a nice 10 minutes walk to the ticket house
Baadfarten has three different tours from May to September.
You decide if you want to explore the bustling Bagsværd Lake, the beautiful Lyngby Lake with the cosy Millstream or Denmark's deepest lake Furesøen.

Bagsværd Lake

On this tour you can enjoy the lovely lakeside view with lush forest areas and open spaces, such as the wonderful Aldershvile Park. The lake has been used for rowing competitions for decades and there is always a sense of bustling activity in and around the lake, where Sophienholm, with its art exhibitions, concerts and events, invites one to have a good time.

The roundtrip is a wonderful tour in itself and you can choose to sit back and relax on the approx. 55 minutes long tour, or make use of the stops along the way.

Lyngby Lake

A significant part of the experience on this tour is the cosy Millstream (Mølleåen). The stream is more than 30 km long and is a natural stream which emerged after the ice age and was later excavated in the 1880’s as part of Copenhagen’s defense. The tour also passes a swamp forest area where more than 300 species of plants grow.

Along the Millstream lies the beautiful Frederiksdal area; a popular excursion spot with a lot of history.

The roundtrip is a wonderful tour in itself and you can choose to sit back and relax on the approx. 55 minutes long tour, or make use of the stops along the way.

Furesøen Lake

​Join a boat tour on Denmark's deepest lake Furesøen, where you will hear the birds chirp as you sail pass the area 'Vaserne' where more than 180 bird species live. Are you more in the mood for a day at the beach, you can hop off at Furesøbad, which since the start of the 20th century has invited people to enjoy a day on the beach in the middle of the forest, sunbathing and having fun in the water.

On this boat tour there is also amble opportunity to enjoy the wide open fields and old historic buildings along the lakefront, such as Næsseslotte and the old mill at Frederiksdal.

​You decide whether you want to sit back and relax on the 1 hr and 50 min. tour or hop off at one at the stops along the way. Whatever you decide, you will have a lovely day on Furesøen.

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Bagsværd Lake

It is this boat trip you should choose if you want a good lunch. Get off at Sophienholm (6) and enjoy the view of the lake while you eat.

Lyngby Lake

This is the trip if you want to see very special swamp forest. Highly recommended trip.

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