A walk to the old working class area of Nørrebro and the beautiful lakes

3 km walk to the old working class area of Nørrebro, the beautiful lakes and the Assistens Cemetery.

From Nørreport Train station just follow the Frederiksborggade. On your left hand will see Torvehallerne, and as they say about them self

"It is not a supermarket – it is a super market. At Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, you will find over 60 stands selling everything from fresh fish and meat to gourmet chocolate and exotic spices, as well as small places where you can have a quick bite to eat."

Expensive, but worth visiting.

Continue to the bridge Queen Louise's Bridge, which connects inner Copenhagen and Nørrebro. The Queen Louise's Bridges was built in 1887 and went through a bit of a transformation when the road was narrowed in favour of wider sidewalks and bike paths.

This resulted in significantly reduced car traffic and increased bicycle traffic.

The transformation did not only affect cars and bikes, because wider sidewalks also turned the sunny side of Queen Louise's Bridge into a hip and popular hangout for many Copenhageners.

The bridge ended up getting more benches than originally planned due to people's need to soak up the sun and hang out on the bridge.

The benches are not the only places that are occupied by locals. The railing and the sidewalk are also popular hangouts when the sun hits the lakes. Here you can meet up with friends, listen to music, talk or enjoy a cold beer.

Walk futher, and will see the yellow wall. Behind is Assistens Cemetery, burial ground, green oasis, cultural treasury.
Welcome to Denmark's best known cemetery, Assistens in Copenhagen, the final resting place of famous Danes, like fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

For more than 250 years, the people of Copenhagen have buried their dead - known and unknown - at Assistens Kirkegård cemetery. Today the cemetery is one of the Nørrebro area's most interesting and lush green oases, where both locals and visitors go for a stroll.

Assistens Kirkegård cemetery in Copenhagen exudes both big and small stories that represent the dead. Here, you will see thousands of gravestones of notable people from the last centuries of Danish history - Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard being the most famous.

But also the graves of people like physicists H. C. Ørsted and Niels Bohr and - closer to our own time - the poet Michael Strunge and singer Natasja Saad make Assistens an interesting place to visit.

But before you enter the cementary you have the Pub "Det Rene glas" on the corner. The name means The Clean Glass, because it was the first pub in Copenhagen who cleaned the glass after each customer. Today it is one of the last old fashion pubs in the city, you can smoke there and have a chep beer.

Continue, and after you have pass Nørrebro station, you go to the left on Nordre Fasanvej. 100 meters down on your right hand, you will see Harrys Place. Time for a sausage!!

Take the bus 350S og 5C back to Norreport. Free ride if you have CityPass or Copanhagen Card

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Nørreport train station

From here you can take the red S-train and the Metro (even to the Airport)


Here you can enjoy food and drinks at a very high price

Inside Torvehallerne

The food market
Inside Torvehallerne

Inside Torvehallerne

The food market

The lakes in Copenhagen

You can walk the 4 lakes.
Takes an hour or more!!

The road to Nørrebro

Just continue and you will be in Nørrebro

2510 Bikes today

On the 12 of january 114.139 bikes have cycled past here since new year
A pub in Nørrebro

A pub in Nørrebro

All you need is Love... and Tuborg


Behind the yellow wall is the cementary
Worth a visit!!

Pub Det Rene Glas

Pub The Clean Glass, was the first pub in Copenhagen who cleaned the glass after each customer.

The cementary

H.C. Andersens tombstone

H.C. Andersens tombstone

squirrel in the cemetery

A squirrel in the cemetery



Superkilen the public park in the Nørrebro

Superkilen the public park in the Nørrebro

Stretching some 750 metres (2,460 ft) along either side of a public cycle track and covering a total area of some 30,000 square metres (320,000 sq ft)
Nørrebro Train station

Nørrebro Train station

Harry's Place

Harry's Place

The famous sausage wagon
A sausage with bread

A sausage with bread

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